Discontinued Program Tab in the Client Program

Overview: If a skill acquisition program needs to be put on hold or discontinued, it can now be moved into the new ‘Discontinued’ tab in the ‘Client Program’ area.


Description & Images

Good to Know!


Description & Images

Good to Know!

Client Program Level

In the Client Program level, there is a new ‘Discontinued’ tab next to the ‘Mastered’ tab.


The Discontinued tab may be used for a program that was too challenging or not needed at this time. You can always reintroduce this program at a later date.

Individual Program Level

To move a client program to the ‘Discontinued’ tab, click the ‘Move Program’ button located within the individual program details



Once you click ‘Move Program’, you will see a pop-up that allows you to select where you want to move the program to. Select ‘Move to Discontinued’



The program will now be removed from the tab it was in and moved to the ‘Discontinued’ tab. It will have a ‘Discontinued’ label displayed above the program name.



Only individual programs in the ‘Current’ and ‘Future’ tabs can be moved to the ‘Discontinued’ tab. In order to move a ‘Mastered’ program to ‘Discontinued’, you must first un-master the program.




Data Entry

Discontinued programs will NOT be available in ‘Data Entry’


Discontinued programs will be hidden from data entry on the website, mobile browser, and mobile app.

Analyze Data

Discontinued programs will be available in ‘Analyze Data’ only IF data (baseline or intervention) was entered before the program was moved to ‘Discontinued’.


The program will have a ‘Discontinued’ label within ‘Analyze Data’



Funder Reports

Discontinued programs will be available in funder reports IF they are within the date range and have data (baseline or intervention).


They will NOT be available in funder reports if they are not within the date range or have no data.

You may choose to include or not include a discontinued program into the Funder Report by using the ‘Include on Report’ checkbox