Client Demographics Report Tutorial



Good To Know



Good To Know

How to Access

Go to Reporting Dashboard>Client Report section

Select “Client Demographics”

  • User must have permission to “View Download Client Reports”

Report Filters


Use any of the 3 filters to customize the data that will be exported:

  • Client status (Active and Inactive)

  • Location (Company Account Locations)

  • Client Name (Active and Inactive)


  • All filters contain a search bar to search for specific options

  • By default, the client status filter is set to “active”

  • By default, the location filter selects all locations

  • By default, client name selects all active clients

  • If “inactive” is selected in client status, all inactive clients will also be selected in client names



Clicking “export” will generate an excel file that will download to your computer



Mapping: Where is the data in the export coming from



Detailed information on what client demographics information is pulled into the export and where it is located can be found here: