Create and Manage Payroll Export Subscriptions

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Good To Know


Create Subscription

Go to reporting dashboard>scheduling section

Select>payroll export

click “Subscribe”


  • Users must have permission to Payroll Reports

  • Scheduled reports will be emailed to user who created the subscription (please check the email in user staff profile is present and accurate)

  • Users may still run “Ad Hoc” payroll exports


Name Report


  • Name reports clearly so you will remember their intended purpose.


Select Recurrence Pattern


Select 1 of 3 recurrence types:

Single, Weekly, or Monthly







  • The Recurrence pattern selected controls when the subscription will be sent.

  • Single Recurrence subscriptions will be sent one time only on a specific date

  • By default appointments in a “completed” status will be included unless users selects other appointment type options.

  • Late Entries may only be included for Single Recurrence and Weekly and Monthly Recurrence when “custom” report range is selected.





  • Weekly Recurrence reports can be scheduled for “x” # of weeks, and for any day of the week.







  • Monthly recurrence reports can be scheduled for a specific date for any month, or on a specific day for any month.


Select Recurrence Range

(date range subscriptions will be generated)



For weekly or monthly recurrence periods, the user must select a date range in which they wish to receive the reports in.


  • End Dates are optional

  • All reports are generated after 12 am users local time and should be received by 5 am users local time.


Select Report Range

(date range of appointments that will be included in the export)

Click the report range dropdown to select the range of days the data will include in the report.


  • Appointments included in the export will be based on the report range selection and the day the report was scheduled to be received.

  • The report range dropdown includes many report range options:

    • Custom: User enters start and date range

    • Yesterday (day prior to when the report was received)

    • Today (day report was received)

    • Last 7, 30, 60, 90, or 180 days (report includes dates up to the day prior when report is received).

    • Calendar Week: (This week, last week, next week)

    • Calendar Month: (Current Month, Last Month, Next Month)

    • Calendar Qtr: This Qtr, Last Qtr, Next Qtr



Export Report Dates


  • The Start and End dates displayed will be determined by the Report Date Range selected (see #5) above.

  • The Run Date and Time relects when the system generated the report.


View Subscribed Reports

On the payroll export page, click “subscribed reports” tab to view a list of all subscribed reports created.


  • After a subscription is created they system will add the report to the subscribed reports tab.

  • Users will see only see subscriptions they created.

  • All details related to a subscription’s Job ID, user who created/modified report, recurrence pattern, recurrence range, report range, late entries included , appointment filters and status will be viewable.

  • Job ID: This is the reports unique Id and can be used to provide to Rethink support if there is ever an issue with subscriptions.

  • Status:

    • Pending: Only new subscriptions will display with this status until the report is sent.

    • Pass: Email Link has been sent

    • Email Link Expired: It has been passed 72 hours since the last report email was sent

For recurring subscriptions once an email link has expired, the system will update the status after the next report email link has been sent. Then the status will display as “Pass”.


Email Link

On the days specified in the subscription’s recurrence pattern, the user will receive an email containing a link to the report


  • This link will expire if not accessed within 72 hours

  • The report should be emailed to user before 5 am on the user’s time zone

  • If the user’s email is changed in their staff profile the report will send to the new email address.


Cancel a Recurring Subscription

  • Go to Subscribed Reports Tab

  • Click on Edit for the report you want to cancel

Then enter a Recurrence End Date