Rethink BH Ideas Portal

The Rethink BH Aha Ideas Portal is an area that you can submit ideas and feature requests for the Rethink Product Team to review as they prioritize new features to improve the platform in the following areas: Clinical, Practice Management, Billing, Total Therapy, and Mobile App.


Description & Images



Description & Images


From any page of Rethink’s website, go to the Welcome Back drop down, and you will see the option to Submit and Idea

Click on Submit an Idea:


To submit an idea, you don’t need to log into another site, this is an SSO (single-sign-on) based on your Rethink log in.

BH ideas Portal Main Page

You will then arrive at the main home page of Rethink BH’s Idea Portal.



Sharing or submit an Idea

If you want to share an idea/feature request with us please:

  1. Check to see if your idea has been submitted by entering it in the search box or by filtering by category (Functionality, Platform, or Role).

  2. If you don't find your request/idea, please click on Add a New Idea.

  3. Vote for any ideas you like.

Reminder: Please exclude any client or staff specific information when creating a new idea/request or commenting on an idea.

Searching For Ideas

Before submitting an idea, search for your ideas by enter key words in the search bar or filter by category.



Adding a new idea with details and submit .

To add a new idea not already submitted, click on the purple button + ADD A NEW IDEA

To submit a new idea:

  1. Fill in Your Idea

    1. If you type in an idea similar to an already submitted idea it will populate in the text box below.

    2. You can click on similar ideas to see what others have requested and add comments to it.

  2. Add more details so that the idea/request is specific.

  3. Choose a category for this idea

  4. Press ADD IDEA


Voting on ideas

To vote on ideas that are your ideas and others ideas that you like and would like to see in Rethink, follow the simple steps below.

1.Click on an idea your like and then click on the purple Voted button OR

2.Click on Voted (or Vote) button to add a vote to the idea



Adding a comment

To add comments on an idea that you like, you can click on the idea and add a comment

1.Click on + Add a comment

2.Add your comment and click on Post comment.




When you add an idea, you become subscribed to that idea to view comments and the status of the idea

Any idea that you vote for, you will also become subscribed to.

Subscribed ideas: