Staff General Attributes Report Tutorial



Good To Know



Good To Know

How to Access

Go to Reporting Dashboard>Staff Member Report Section

Select “Staff General Attributes”


  • User must have permission to “View Download Staff Reports”

Report Filters


Use any of the 3 filters to customize the data that will be exported:

  • Staff status (Active and Inactive)

  • Location (Company Account Locations)

  • Staff Name (Active and Inactive)


  • All filters contain a search bar to search for specific options

  • By default, the staff status filter is set to “active”

  • By default, the location filter selects all locations

  • By default, staff name selects all active staff



Clicking “export” will generate an excel file that will download to your computer

  • The excel file will contain data that is based on the filter selections

Mapping: Where is the data in the export coming from


Detailed information on what staff general attributes information is pulled into the export and where it is located can be found here: